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Accounting Clerk

PF Solutions · Stratford · Internship


Job description for Accounting Clerk
Ensure the liaison with Canadian Practice Firms Network Bank (BEEC);
Supervise treasury, payroll, inventory and fixed asset management;
Supervise month end closing of subsidiary accounts;
Design and establish various departmental quality procedures;
Prepare monthly and annual company budgets;
Produce and present monthly and annual financial statements;
Supervise and train accounting personnel;
Carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis of financial statements using
ratios and present recommendations that aim to improve company financial
Analyze and establish, as needed, internal verification procedures;
Ensure the proper application of the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Design and apply methods for setting and reporting cost price;
Carry out all other necessary tasks to ensure company operations run smoothly
Skills and knowledge requirements
Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite and Simply Accounting
Excellent knowledge of accounting;
Aptitude to work with numbers;
Enjoy teamwork;
Good concentration;
Able to analyze and synthesise information

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